Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Au Revoir, Petit Soeur...

Today marks a sad day for me. For the past 4 years, Evie Webb--who happens also to be my youngest sister--has been my main assistant and second shooter when photographing weddings in Portland, New York, etc. She is always cheerful, bright, and fun to work with. I love her, customers love her. We'd spend hours together at weddings, shooting, running, covering each other. When one of us shot something we were particularly proud of, we'd show the other our LCD screen and laugh together. She was great to travel with too, because, being my sister, we could share a hotel room and it wouldn't be inappropriate.

This morning, bright and early, Evie and her husband James loaded a van with their belongings, and headed to Denver to find their fortune there.

We'll miss you Evie. Your smile will be hard to replace.

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  1. Evie will indeed be missed. What a great gal - wish I'd have had the pleasure of working with her more than twice. Blessings to you, Evie!!

  2. As a friend of Fritz I got to meet Evie and sadly I never got the opportunity to work with her but I hope she does really well in Denver and that Fritz can find someone to take her place.

  3. Dan Dubay Professional DJ Service7:46 PM was an honor creating special moments together for our past two clients at Youngberg Hill Vineyards. And a treat watching you work. Best to you always.