Saturday, July 28, 2007


Roxy Mayer, a Lincoln High School Student, is a triplet (with two brothers). With a little styling from AJ's Hair and Makeup, and the assistance of Roxy's friend Molly, we had some fun with her Portland high school senior portraits. She laughs easily, and is easy to photograph. Beautiful!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tom and Vanessa's Portland Wedding Photography

Getting married at an Amtrak station might sound a little crazy to some people. But I like Crazy. And the restaurant there, Wilf's, has a lovely ambiance. Just right for a couple of lovely goofballs like Tom and Vanessa.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

James and Kristina's Wedding Photography at Youngberg Hill

Here are a few weird, wild, and wonderful photos from James Case and Kristina Brand's beautiful wedding at Youngberg Hill Vineyard. Hopefully, sometime soon, I'll be able to post photos from a Trash the Dress session with Kristina at Alcatraz....

This is a portrait of the world's sweetest junior bridesmaid. If there were a contest, I know she'd win.

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Christina and Cameron

Some 15 years ago, I lived in Carlton, Oregon, which, as the signs at the outskirts informed you as you drove in, is "A Great Little Town." And it truly is. But this isn't a story about Carlton, it's about my grandparents.

One Sunday afternoon, they drove me way out in the country, past Yamhill, on along a dirt road, to the famous Flying M Ranch. Way out in the rolling hills, there was this ranch, with horses and camping, an airstrip, the Yamhill River, and a big log lodge, with a restaurant. People would drive and fly in from all over, to eat at the restaurant, walk the grounds, and stay in the cabins. The lodge even had photos of Ernst Borgnine from a visit he made to the Flying M.

We ate lunch there, and finished it off with blackberry pie and ice cream. It was a lovely outing, and a fond memory.

This past Saturday, I had opportunity to return to the Flying M Ranch, for a wedding. Only it's not technically the Flying M any more. It was recently bought by some great people who are, with a lot of volunteers, revamping the place, and using it for events such as weddings, which help fund camps for disadvantaged kids. It's a great concept. They call it 5 Rock Ranch.

But really, this isn't about Carlton, my grandparents, or 5 Rock Ranch. It's about Christina and Cameron, who are the first couple ever to be married at the new site. And a beautiful site it is. Rustic, lush, and lovely, it was a great site for a fun wedding.

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