Friday, September 29, 2006

Natalie's Portland Senior Portrait Photographer

On Wednesday I had a portrait session scheduled with a young lady who is the younger sister of someone I had photographed a few years back. I waited at the Washington Park Rose Gardens for her to show up, enjoying the warm sunlight and the scent of the roses. After a while, her mom walks up to me, and asks if they might reschedule their portrait session for a few days later. It turns out that there was a little relationship trouble that day in her daughter's life, and she just wasn't up for it. So I went over to the car to talk to the daughter.

I wish I could have photographed her right then, with tears streaming down her face, dripping onto her shirt. It's hard to concoct a good crying picture, and this was the real thing. But, even though I'm a guy, I do have enough working radar to be able to detect when is a good time to ask for such things, and when not to. This was a definite 'not to'. So we rescheduled for today.

And it was worth doing so. Natalie is about as easy to photograph as they come. Here are some favorites:

Natalie is such a beautiful high school senior!  Hailing from Jefferson High School in Portland, she made for some stunning Portland high school senior portraits!

Meg's Portland Senior Portrait Photographer

High school senior portrait photos in Portland are just an excuse for me to take some really cool photos of cool young people, such as this young lady from Lake Oswego. That's how I look at them, anyhow. Instead of me having to go and find models/subjects to shoot, they come to me....

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Even though her sister had chicken pox, I had opportunity to photograph some portraits of Alaina in her yard. What a cutie.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hoop Dreams

I love photographing kids.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


A guest at the party....

LensWork Magazine

If you love fine photography, especially black and white, you should know about LensWork Magazine. It is, without much competition, one of the finest photography magazines out there, for several reasons.

First, the award-winning duotone reproductions are magnificent. Each issue, which comes in its own cardboard envelope, is like a fine art book unto itself.

Second, it's all about photography as a fine art. There's nothing commercial about it or its articles or portfolios. The only ads are for LensWork's own products, which are excellent. The essays and interviews are thoughtful reflections on the creative process, as pertains to photography.

Third, they only feature the work of 3 photographers per issue, including an introduction to the photographer, a brief essay about the work, and a portfolio of usually 15-20 images.

Fourth, Brooks Jensen has a lot of innovative ideas, and runs with them. They produce an extended CD of each issue, including more images from each photographer's portfolio, audio interviews with the photographers, printable images, extra essays, and other goodies. They publish a few books on photography (I've read "On Being a Photographer" by David Hurn and Bill Jay, twice). At one time, they had a Special Editions fine art print series, whereby they would faithfully reproduce, on silver gelatin paper, master prints from master photographers. I own one, an image by Wynn Bullock, and it's magnificent.

Fifth, and most important, they published one of my portfolios ("Welcome to Wonderland") in the Jan/Feb 2006 issue (20 pages, including the cover, above). It's beautiful.

I'd encourage you to browse their site, and even subscribe.

See Welcome to Wonderland on my fine art photography site at

Friday, September 15, 2006

My Own Fan Club

Ever since LensWork Magazine published a portfolio of my work in January (issue #62), I've discovered, here and there, that other people like my work. They link to it in their blogs. They purchase fine art prints from me. They steal my pictures to use on their websites. And they start discussion groups about my work.

One of these is on Flickr. It's called the Spirit of Fritz Liedtke, and here's their theme:

"If you are interested in child photography in the least, and don't know who Fritz Lidtke is, you should! There's a couple of us that love his style of work (selective DOF of adolescence, of course it's not limited to that, in my opinion). :)"

While my work, of course, is not all child photography, it is an honor to me to see people congregating around an interest in my photographs. One woman's work I find especially engaging, as she photographs her own children in haunting, beautiful ways: 'sweet disten'.

Here's the link. Check it out for yourself. I really do have fans.

Now, if they'd just start sending me money, I'd really have it made.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Au Revoir, Petit Soeur...

Today marks a sad day for me. For the past 4 years, Evie Webb--who happens also to be my youngest sister--has been my main assistant and second shooter when photographing weddings in Portland, New York, etc. She is always cheerful, bright, and fun to work with. I love her, customers love her. We'd spend hours together at weddings, shooting, running, covering each other. When one of us shot something we were particularly proud of, we'd show the other our LCD screen and laugh together. She was great to travel with too, because, being my sister, we could share a hotel room and it wouldn't be inappropriate.

This morning, bright and early, Evie and her husband James loaded a van with their belongings, and headed to Denver to find their fortune there.

We'll miss you Evie. Your smile will be hard to replace.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My Protege, Olivia and Friends

You know all those plastic disposable cameras you see on tables at weddings and bar mitzvahs? Ever wonder what they're really for? Well, let me show you:

These photos were from Jamie and Dustin's wedding this past July. One of the children, Olivia, who happens to be the daughter of friends, decided she liked my racket. She began shadowing me as I worked the dance floor: she would hold up her disposable camera, crouch down beside me, pretend to fiddle with dials and buttons just as I was, and snap away.

I tell you this because, if you come by the studio soon and are greeted by a 5 year old with a plastic Kodak camera in hand, don't be surprised. Good help is hard to find.

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An open letter to my faithful fans:

Faithful viewers, I know you exist. I know you're here often. I even know how you get here. Now it's time to take another step into my world....
I've so enjoyed having this outlet to share my work. It's been an encouragement for me to have work that usually would be seen by a few special people, be seen by many special people. It's been, along with lots of camping, hiking, and frisbee throwing, one of the things that has really refreshed me this season.
So far, having been summer, most of my postings have been commercial in nature. But fine art projects are also in the works. So keep coming, and...

Consider this an open invitation to be more than just a viewer: leave a comment! At the end of each post, there's this little button for doing just that: Comments. Click it, and let me and other visitors know what you think!

Join in; be part of the conversation.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Friday, September 08, 2006

Stassia's Portland Senior Portrait Photography

High school senior portrait photos can be rather dull and repetetive. That is, if you go to a studio that manufactures them like the Chinese manufacture plastic toys. I try to keep mine fresh and interesting, and try to do something different every time. This includes interesting lighting, which I got by the boatload yesterday: the sun shining off the Willamette River across from downtown Portland made for wonderful light. Interesting lenses also help, and this portrait includes one of my secrets:

Would you believe that Stassia actually wears braces?  We removed them for her.

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