Friday, March 30, 2007

On the Airplane

Twenty-eight straight hours of travel, from Jerusalem to Portland. At least there were some things to photograph on the plane.
Yeah, kid, I know. We all feel like that by now.

From Tel Aviv to London, there were many traditional (ultra-orthodox) Jewish families, and many, many children.

My seat-mate Ela. We talked at length about Israel, her life there, her family, the Arab-Israeli conflict, her 2 years in the IDF, school, safety, etc. It was helpful to get an idea of regular life in Israel. A sweet girl with a lovely accent. Of all the places I've taken portraits, this was the first on an airplane at twenty-some-thousand feet....

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  1. Your photos are stunning, kick-ass, sobering...

    Someone randomly told me about this site, so I came here. Thank you. I have so many questions about photography (I try my hand at it very amateurly...); would you be up for a dialogue on the subject?

  2. Thanks for your comments, Tamie. You're always welcome to email me.